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A year later...:

About a year or more has passed since I stopped taking orders here. I've become a father, and along with the new responsibility comes new bills. In addition to the normal things like diapers and formula, my little one was born a bit early and has had some extra doctor bills. This has been a real drain on my savings account, and as such I was thinking of re-opening, but was unsure how much work that would be when a paper came in the mail to renew my business license...

Well that's an interesting thought. I haven't been selling or making anything, but I do still have my tools, I could renew my business license and start this site back up. It's interesting that they kept my information on file and contacted me even though I did not renew last year. I also still have this site, and actually do check several e-mail accounts associated with it. Everything is in place to submit my items back to Google Product Search I just have to mark them as being in stock... which means making things.

To re-open will definitely take some work though. For one I have far less time now to spend making new items. If I re-open it will be mostly using cast settings, and making a lot less custom jewelry. I just don't have the time to spend on each individual piece. I'd rather spend that time with my family or doing something more fun and less like work.

I will also need to do a complete over haul on the site and my store policies. The cast settings are very durable, and better than some of the ones I've used in the past. Many of these can be purchased as ready to set rings or pendants, although in other cases I've also soldered cast settings in place and used them to create custom pieces like the ring shown below, which was a custom piece I did for a friend a few years ago.

I don't think I will continue to offer free shipping, particularly not overseas. I can't afford to offer registered or insured mail out of my own pocket, and I have been ripped off by not using it in the past. This is just something that will have to change.

Will I definitely be re-opening? I'm not sure, but I will be taking an inventory this weekend, at least of the stones I have and looking at putting together an order for settings to get started. I will also be filling out those forms to re-new my business license and we'll see where it goes from there.

Last Updated: 2012-01-28 19:53:58

Reclaiming my e-mail and Missing pages:

It's probably pretty obvious by reading the older news posts that I haven't been doing much jewelry work since last year. I have chosen not to renew my business license and gave refunds for many orders before finally getting everything offline.

I have been enjoying the free time. I cleared out some of the work area that I was using to make jewelry and put a pool table there instead. I don't see myself going back to this anytime soon. I was not making money. The small amount of profit I was making on individual items barely covered my expenses.

So you may be asking yourself why I'm still here typing away on a Saturday... Well several people that I know, but had not been in touch with have been able to find me through this website and get in touch with me. In addition, I've always had a website either for displaying my art or my jewelry since about 1997. I can honestly say I enjoy web design. Since the site recently auto renewed, I thought it would be a good idea to check in and do something with it.

I also wanted to apologize to anyone that has tried to send me e-mail in the past several months. I have not been checking my e-mail. It has become so overrun with garbage that it's very difficult for me to find any legitimate messages even with spam filters. I also had all of my various e-mail accounts forwarded to a free yahoo account which is not an ideal way for me to check it. As of today I'm going to be making some changes.

If you try to contact me now using one of my older e-mail accounts, you will receive an automated reply telling you to come to this website and use the contact form instead. The contact form was a great idea, however I implemented it too late, and two of my main e-mail addresses had already been compromised. Hopefully I can keep this one away from the spam bots for a while.

Also I deleted a number of really old pages from the site. I thought I had re-directs set up for all of them to go to the newer version, but apparently not. I also own a alternate spelling of this site, and if you put in the direct URL starting with, you could still access these old pages.

These pages have now been completely removed from the server and you may get a page not found error if you had one bookmarked, sorry. I could write new/additional re-direct rules for all of these, but right now I'm not sure I want to sit and do that. I already have redirects that kept this from happening with the normal English spelling.

Note that these pages weren't linked from the main site, and included current menus on the left, but some of them linked to each other. So it's best to just get rid of them and avoid confusion.

Well I think that's all I have for now. Again sorry for the long delay between updates. I'm still alive, I just haven't been making jewelry.

update: I added the redirects for the alternate spelling. Those pages should get you to the right place now. If not I apologize, you'll have to update your bookmarks.

Last Updated: 2011-03-02 20:24:01

Items showing as Out of Stock:

I've been planning on updating the inventory for a while and I haven't done it, so I'm taking all the items offline until I get a count of what is actually in stock and make some changes to the site. For now all items on the site will appear as "out of stock" and you will not be able to add them to the cart. They will also start to come out of Google's product search. I have also let all of my items on Etsy expire.

In the future I plan on eliminating special orders and made to order items, and only selling items that are already made to speed up the process of getting things to my customers. In order to do that I need to make sure my database has accurate numbers, and probably will need a new shopping cart to automate things better.

The site may be offline for a while.

Last Updated: 2010-09-10 21:11:34

A few changes:

I'm considering a number of changes for this site this summer. For example, I would like to get it to actually reflect the stock I have on hand and eliminate the need to make so many custom orders.

When I started selling jewelry online I did not mind custom orders, but they are quite time consuming, and I think my views on the subject have changed significantly. Custom orders cause me to have delays and way too much stress.

What you will likely see pretty soon is a significant drop in the number of items I have listed as "in stock". I may keep a few things such as rings available for custom orders, but over the summer in particular I don't think I'll have much time to devote to them.

Making this change shouldn't be too difficult. The hard part is getting it to update the stock when something sells, since PayPal's shopping cart is completely separate from my site.

There are a few options for this, but generally require me to purchase a SSL certificate from a third party, or some other plan from PayPal. That may be something I consider in the future, but not something I can afford to do at the moment.

Anyway I just wanted to post a little note about it. I'm going to start working on this pretty soon. I also want to update some of the other pages of the site (Custom Orders and About the Jeweler need updates), and possibly streamline the updating process of those pages to make them easier to change. I'm also considering making a custom orders gallery where you can see images of some of the custom designs I've done in the past, as opposed to just the two examples listed there now.

Update: In an attempt to be organized I've broken the left navigation into two sections. One section groups all of the different types of items together and the other lists the pages (news, FAQs ect). I think this will make it a little easier to find what you are looking for.

I also started to make a couple changes to the custom orders and about the jeweler pages to make them easier to update.

Last Updated: 2010-04-30 09:55:31

New photo of the byzantine necklace:

I recently took new photos of the 20 gauge byzantine necklace. I posted them this morning. I think they give a better idea of scale than the single closeup of the chain.

Last Updated: 2010-04-09 05:50:02

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